SELCA BOOK by BEAST (International Edition)

selca-book-by-beastBeast Selca Book by BEAST 02

– SGD 43
(520pg photobook, includes 3 random photos and 1 random polaroid)

– Beast’s Self-Photobook that disclosed the appearance of Beast members who became photographer and took pictures themselves at every moment, every place!

– Photos that are taken by each members who had became paparazzi for about 3 months will reveal their everyday life!

– 520 pages of 200% collectible worth of full page photos. Beast’s 1st Selca Book!

-Table of Contents


1. Unforgettable Moment _잊을 수 없는 순간 / Narration By Yoon Dujun

2. A Pleasant Memory _즐거운 추억 / Narration By Jang Hyunseung

3. Joyful Days _기쁨의 나날 / Narration By Yong Junhyung

4. Happiness Story _행복한 이야기 / Narration By Yang Yoseop

5. Thank You for Everything _모든 것이 고마운 당신 / Narration By Lee Gikwang

6. Until We Meet Again _언젠가 다시…! / Narration By Son Dongwoon


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