Lovelyz Vol. 1 – Girls’ Invasion

Lovelyz Vol. 1 – Girls’ Invasion
– SGD 19

Comes with CD + 2 Random Photocards + First Press Poster
Release Date: 17 Nov 14

01. Introducing the Candy
02. Candy Jelly Love
03. 어제처럼 굿나잇
04. 이별 Chapter1
05. 비밀여행
06. 남보다 못한 사이 (feat. 휘성) (Babysoul)
07. 그녀는 바람둥이야 (feat. 동우 of 인피니트) (Babysoul&Kei)
08. Delight (Yoo Ji-Ae Solo)
09. 너만 없다 (JIN Solo)


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