Lovelyz Mini Album Vol.1 – Lovelyz8

Lovelyz Mini Album Vol.1 - Lovelyz8
– SGD 17, with 1 random poster while stock last

Comes with 1 Random Photocard (out of 8 designs)
Posters are first press limited. There are 2 designs for the posters. They will be distributed out randomly.
Release Date: 02 Oct 15

1. Welcome to the Lovelyz8
2. Ah-Choo
3. 작별하나
4. Hug Me
5. 예쁜 여자가 되는 법
6. 새콤달콤
7. 라푼젤


To preorder, send an email to with

[Subject: Lovelyz – Lovelyz8
Contact Number:
Amount to pay/ transfer:
Payment Method: POSB/DBS I-Banking/ Cash Deposit/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal
Collection Method: Meet up: Serangoon/ Hougang/ AMK or Registered Postage:]
Once we receive your email, a follow up confirmation email will be sent to you.


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