[Instock] Official Unsealed Albums, Photocards & Posters #02

B.A.P MATRIX Daehyun Photocard
Normal Version Album + Daehyun Photocard + Poster – SGD 25


VIXX – Chained Up
Control Ver (Special Ken Pages)(Paper Ken)(Photocard Hyuk)

Freedom Ver (Special Hongbin Pages)(Paper Leo)(Photocard Ken)
Freedom Ver (Special Ravi Pages)(Paper Ravi)(Photocard N)
Album + Photobook + Paper + Photocard – SGD 25

f(x) Vol. 4 – 4 Walls (White Version)(Krystal cover)(Amber Photocard)
f(x) – 4 Walls (White version)
– Krystal cover & Amber Photocard
Album + Photocard + Poster – SGD 25
Album only – SGD 12
Photocard only – SGD 15

To purchase, send an email to sgkpopper@hotmail.com with
[Subject: [Instock] Unsealed Albums’ Items #02
Contact Number:
Amount to pay/ transfer:
Payment Method: POSB/DBS I-Banking
Collection Method: Meet up: Serangoon/ Hougang/ AMK or Registered Postage]
Once we receive your email, a follow up confirmation email will be sent to you.


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