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– Prices stated are INCLUSIVE of shipping fees from Korea to Singapore.
Price is in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

– All sales contribute to various respective music charts!

– We do ship WORLDWIDE!!
But we ONLY accept payment via Paypal for overseas’ orders.

– Meetup collections will ONLY be at either AMK, Hougang or Serangoon (Singapore) on alternate weekends.
We DO NOT do individual meetups OR anything upon request!

– You need to bring your own carrier for meetup collection. Unless 3 or more items are bought, we will provide it:)

– Orders will only be placed after we have received the payment!

– Strictly NO cancellation or refund is allowed after payment is made!

– Damaged/ spoiled items can ONLY be exchanged during the meetup collection itself.

– Unless the item is Out Of Stock in Korea, then FULL refund will be made!!:)

– Items are usually here around 1-3 weeks after batch closes (Saturday). Unless if there is any delay or restock.

– Items that are not collected within 3 months after arrival will be confiscated!!
We do not provide storage service!

PLEASE refrain from SMS-ing or CALLing our admins regardless of ANYTHING and direct EVERYTHING to our email EXCEPT replying for meetup collection with your name, contact, items collecting/ paying!

We reserves ALL rights to edit any information or rules on this site without prior notices.

If you do not agree to ANY of the terms and conditions above, please kindly NOT place order!


Order Form

To preorder, send an email to with

[Subject: Kpop Kr/Jap Album/Official Merchandise/ Instock/ <Name of the item>
Contact Number:
Amount to pay/ transfer:
Payment Method: POSB/DBS I-Banking/ Cash Deposit/ Bank Transfer/ Paypal
Collection Method: Meet up: Serangoon/ Hougang/ AMK or Registered Postage]

Once we receive your email, a follow up confirmation email will be sent to you. 


Any inquires, do drop us an email!

Thank you,

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Twitter – @SGKpopper
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